Two Vietnamese vendors sharing conversations
Two Vietnamese vendors sharing conversations (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Mūi Né is located in the city of Phan Thiet in the province of Binh Thuan. It is a fishing town located in the Southeast Vietnam and is the closest beach to Ho Chi Minh City.

Mui Ne Vietnam travel blog
(c) Jovelle Palicpic
Mūi Né: town in Vietnam
Coordinates: 10.9332° N, 108.2872° E
What to eat: Seafood, Pho (rice noodles), Banh Mi (Baguette Sandwich), Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancake), etc.
What to do: surfing, nature exploration, ATV and sand boarding
Ideal time to visit: November to March to get the warmest temperature and good wave conditions
Language: Vietnamese/English
Currency: Vietnam Dong. (Philippine Peso: 53PHP = 1USD = 26,000 VND)

District 1 to Mui Ne Route, Source: Google Maps
Mui Ne is a coastal town which is famous for its beaches. Two beaches, Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc Beach, house a lot of resorts and restaurants which are perfect when staying for two days.

Since we were short on time, we decided to make Mūi Né a side trip from Ho Chi Minh. It would be ideal to stay in Mūi Né for 2 days for a relaxed and slow-paced exploration.

Mūi Né is also a beach town and it would be best to stay in beach-front hotels. Cheap 3-star hotels like NamChau Boutique starts at 788PHP per night and 4-star hotels like Muine Bay Resort starts at 2,700PHP per night.

View deck of the beach (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Aside from beach activities, add destinations like temples, pagodas and scenic spots (like the red and white sand dunes) to your itinerary. Tours can be arranged in the hotel or online.

Fairy Stream (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Red Sand Dunes (c) Renz Mina
White Sand Dunes (c) Renz Mina
Prices in Mūi Né is roughly the same with Ho Chi Minh City. A meal costs as low as 15,000VND.

Tau Hu Nuoc Duong (tofu dessert in ginger syrup - similar to Filipino Taho) 25,000VND (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Quia Vac Cake (prawns and fatty pork with fish sauce wrapped and boiled with transparent wheat-flour dough) 20,000VND
(c) Jovelle Palicpic
Pho Bo and Crocodile Meat (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Seafood Fried Rice (c) Renz Mina
Banh Mi Stall, sandwiches starts at 15,000VND (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Vietnamese vendor selling Quia Vac Cake (c) Jovelle Palicpic

From Ho Chi Minh: you may opt to ride a bus, a train or a private car.
- By Train: A trip from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet has a daily schedule of 6:50AM-10:30AM and the return trip is scheduled at 1:10PM. One way costs around 400,000VND. From the train station, a taxi ride costs another 400,000VND to Mūi Né. Once in Mūi Né, you may opt to hail a private car to take you on tours or rent a motorbike.
- By Bus: I would suggest taking the bus if you are in a small group or traveling solo. For a hassle-free transfer, you can book online through Bookaway.

Getting around Mūi Né: you may opt to hail a private car to take you on tours or rent a motorbike.
- By private car: Renting a car would be cheaper especially if traveling in a group. In our case, we booked a tour that is inclusive of tours and transfers from the airport, to Mūi Né, and back to our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.
- By motorbike: Renting a motorbike is cheaper than renting a car. Be sure to have an international driver's permit (IDP).

Jeeps on Mūi Né tour (c) Jovelle Palicpic

Iain Tyapon on our jeep (c) Renz Mina
Mūi Né was the first on our Ho Chi Minh City itinerary. We were 7 in the group so we opt to get a tour which includes transfers, tours and entrances. We booked a tour with Hai Tuan Travel. We were picked up from the airport, had the Mūi Né tour and dropped at our Airbnb in HCMC.

Hai Tuan Travel
Contact Mr. Hai Tuan on Whatsapp: +84 93 125 26 83
Hai Tuan Travel Website

Tip: If you plan on going to Mūi Né as a side trip, I would still suggest booking a tour like this regardless of the number of persons in the group. It would be convenient, saves money on transfers and hassle-free.

Hai Tuan Travel offers 2 tours for Mūi Né.
1. The Sunrise Tour
The tour starts at 12:40AM (Vietnam Time) to 2:30PM (Vietnam Time).
2. The Sunset Tour
The tour starts at 7:30AM (Vietnam Time) to 11:00PM (Vietnam Time).
Hai Tuan Travel prices:
From 1 - 2 pax: US$ 145 / whole trip for group of 2 people
From 3 - 6 pax: US$ 155 / whole trip for group of 6 people
From 7 - 10 pax: US$ 195 / whole trip for group of 10 people
From 11 - 14 pax: US$ 220 / whole trip for group of 14 people

Kat, Renz, Jovelle and Rae at Fairy Stream (c) Cheloi Marasigan
Renz, Cheloi and Nathan (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Our arrival in HCM was around midnight. Which was perfect for the sunrise tour of Mũi Né. Given that it was a pre-booked tour, our itinerary was all laid out:

Mũi Né Sunrise Sand Dunes tour from Saigon
🚩12:30 AM: Pick up at Airport by Ho Chi Minh-Mũi Né van
🚩4:30 AM: Arrival at Mũi Né and drop by Ho Chi Minh-Mũi Né van. Pick up by jeep for the sunrise tour.
- White sand dunes
- Red sand dunes
- Fishing Village
- Fairy stream
🚩10:30 AM: End of sunrise tour. Pick up by Mũi Né-Ho Chi Minh van
🚩2:30 PM: Arrival at Ho Chi Minh and drop at Ho Chi Minh Hotel

The tour includes private van transfers from Ho Chi Minh to Mũi Né and back and a private jeep that would take the group on the Mũi Né tour. It also includes all entrance tickets, a cool towel and mineral water. The tour will make stops for breakfast and lunch/dinner.

One of our photographers, Renz Mina
One of our photographers, Cheloi Marasigan
One of our photographers, Jovelle Palicpic
The white sand dunes has the highest dunes in Mũi Né. To enjoy White Sand Dunes, we rented an ATV which costs 38USD or 200,000VND for 30 minutes which is good for 2 pax. You can also enjoy the sand board which costs 9USD for one sliding board.
The vast sand dunes and the vendors (c) Renz Mina
White Sand Dunes (c) Renz Mina
The red sand dunes can be accessed by walking from the main road. It was relatively low compared to white sand dunes. They also offer sand boarding here.

Dunes and tourists (c) Jovelle Palicpic
A vendor at the dunes (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Vietnamese vendors (c) Jovelle Palicpic

Since Mũi Né is along the coastal side of Vietnam, the fishing village serves fresh and cheap seafood. You can witness the local life and the sight of colorful boats along the shoreline.

The fairy stream is a unique experience. From the road line, we had to take off our shoes, walk a few steps down and walk along the stream. While walking in the knee-deep water, we enjoyed the view of reddish-white sand and rock formations. The stream colored by clay and limestone particles
 has its water coming from Dinh Mountain in Ham Tien.

Kat at the Fairy swing! (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Although the local tried to prevent the cow from going into the stream, nothing stopped him! (c) Jovelle Palicpic
Red-rock cliffs and rock formations (c) Jovelle Palicpic
We enjoyed Mūi Né even for a short while! There are lots more to see in Mūi Né.
- Po Shanu Cham Towers
- Hoi Tinh Pagoda
- Phuoc Thien Pagoda

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Photos by  Jovelle Palicpic, Renz Mina, Rae Argallon, and Cheloi Marasigan | Shot with Canon 70D, Samsung NX300 and Samsung Note 9 | Mui Ne, Vietnam | Aug 2019

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DULAANG UP opens its 44th Theater Season with The House of Bernarda Alba | Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba

Federico Garcia Lorca’s last play, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, directed by Alexander Cortez – translated from the original Spanish into English as The House of Bernarda Alba by Daisy Lopez, and into Filipino as Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba by Cortez – is set to open Dulaang UP’s 44th season.

The play centers on the events inside the house of Bernarda Alba, a domineering matriarch who imposes an eight-year mourning period on her household after her second husband’s death, in accordance with her family’s religious traditions. Bernarda has five daughters in their twenties and thirties, to whom she asserts inexorable control, forbidding them from entering any romantic relationship over the course of mourning. This period isolates the family and builds tension within the household as the daughters rival against each other on marriage, inheritance and command, reflecting religious hypocrisy and all its trappings. Morality here is but an afterthought, pushed aside by self-interest, pride, and greed.

Veteran actors Frances Makil-Ignacio and Gigi Escalante alternate as Bernarda Alba.Other members of the cast include Stella Cañete Mendoza and Sheryl Ceasico (as Poncia), Rica Nepomuceno and Ronnie Martinez (as Maria Josefa), Liway Gabo and Opaline Santos (as Angustias), Iris Montesclaros and Gel Basa (as Magdelena), Camille Abaya and Mikaela Coruña (as Amelia), Sarina Sasaki (as Martirio), Pauline Maxine Ignacio and Mariella Laurel (as Adela), Jacqui Amper and Lei Ann Quinquilleria (as Servant), and Bea Racoma (as Prudencia). Joining Cortez in the artistic team are Judy Ick (Dramaturgy), Gino Gonzales (Production
Design), Meliton Roxas Jr. (Lights Designer), Jethro Joaquin (Sound), Katz Trangco (Music), JM Cabling (Movement), Jojit Lorenzo (Photography), and Steven Tansiongco (Graphics Designer).

The House of Bernarda Alba/Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba opens Dulaang UP’s 44th Theatre Season dubbed as “DALUHONG” and is set to run from September 6 - 29, 2019 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, 2F Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City.
For inquiries, contact Nico Varona (0917 519 8879) or you may send an email at; you may also call the Dulaang UP Office (Tel.: 926- 1349 / 981- 8500 local 24-49).

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Batangas is the go-to beach province of Manileños and the preferred weekend escape from the busy life of the Metro. In Batangas, different towns offers different resorts with various amenities. In this feature, you'll see the beauty of  Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort, and why it should be your go-to resort in Batangas.

Our beachin' trip this August is located in Anilao, Batangas. With my fellow bloggers, we headed to Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort for the launch of Brunchin @ the Beach.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort is the only resort that offers food for both in-house guests as well as walk-in guests in the vicinity. This August, they launched a Saturday “Brunchin’ @ the beach” showcasing different international cuisines weekly. For only 699PHP, guests can enjoy themed buffets from Japanese to American, Chinese to Italian, and don't forget the yummy Pinoy food! Saltitude offers a different taste every week which is something to look forward in every stay!

Brunchin @ the Beach: 699PHP.
Every Saturday, 6:00AM-12:30PM Saltitude Restaurant

- PINOY: Nothing beats Pinoy breakfast! This is my first breakfast-lunch encounter where the hotel/resort offers champorado and dilis in their menu! 💓 They also serve steamed fish, pancit canton, puto, kutsinta, pork adobo and halaan soup!

Pinoy: Puto and Kutsinta
Mixed Asian Buffet Table
- MIXED ASIAN: I absolutely love the Asian Mixed-Asian section of the buffet: Chinese fried rice, sushi, and siomai. All of my asian cravings fit into one table! 

Chinese Noodles and California Maki
- ALL AMERICAN: The All-American dishes served was simple yet tempting even to a kid's eyes! There are different breads, cheeses and jams to choose from.

All-American Buffet Table

- FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN: If you're in the mood for some heavy yet appetizing meals, the Mediterranean buffet table serves lasagna, aglio olio pasta, roast chicken and bruschetta.

From the Med Buffet Table

Aglio Olio Pasta and Roast Chicken
- DRINKS & DESSERTS: Drinks are no exemption, enjoy unlimited coffee, juice and lemon infused water while dining. Dessert choices were buko pandan and leche flan.

Water, Orange Juice and Brewed Batangas Barako Coffee
From the presentation to the taste, the brunch buffet was a delight to both the eyes and the appetite. I appreciate that the food they serve is not "too" heavy for the stomach, which is highly advisable before a dive. The variety of dishes makes it even more exciting to dine in.

The Brunch by the Beach is just one of the highlights when staying in this resort. From the accommodation to the amenities, it would definitely be a relaxing stay in Saltitude.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort offers different accommodations perfect for couples, families and the barkada with personalized, quirky, fun, and modern designs. They have 6 deluxe rooms, 4 standard rooms, and 3 huts! Here are a few of the rooms they offer.

1. Deluxe Rooms: The deluxe rooms are good for 2-3 pax with interconnecting doors which is also ideal for families.


2. FAMILY ROOMS: Family rooms are also available which is good for 7 or more pax. The Party room is ideal for the barkada!



3. Huts: Huts are good for 2-3pax.

- THE VIBES. This is one of my consideration in picking a resort. If you want a relaxing and chill stay, I recommend staying here. Hang out along the grass and coconut trees, watch the sunset with friends, stay in the cabanas to have intimate talks, read a book on a hammock, dine by the beach with the family-- these are just some of the awesome moments you can enjoy!
- INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOTS. From colorful chairs, hanging lights, hammocks and cozy cabanas, I would say that this resort is perfect for the gram!
Colorful Chairs perfect for Sunset Watching
- BRUNCHIN @ THE BEACH. Food + Beach. Need I say more? Yes please!
- BBQ NIGHTS DURING SUMMER. Watch the sunset and end the day with BBQ. 
- RESORT AMENITIES. Indulge in your favorite happy hour drinks. Get all the gears you need for the dive. Have a hassle free transfer from airport to the resort. These are some of the amenities Saltitude offers for a pleasant stay.
Dive Shop
Airport transfers
Wind Surfing
- ADVENTURES. Saltitude is also perfect for thrill-seekers. You may avail arrange different beach adventures that suites your liking. 
✔Wind Surfing
Scuba diving
Trekking at Gulugud Baboy
Exclusive yacht sailing

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. They offer unique dining experiences and everything one can do in the beach. From beach-bumming, to scuba diving, you'll have a wonderful stay here in Saltitude.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort
Address: 131-A Sitio Lagundi, Barangay San Jose, Batangas, 4202 Mabini, Philippines
Contact Numbers: +043-4101857, +639274220428, +63939088843
Facebook: Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort FB Page
Instagram: Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort IG Page

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort

We would like to thank Ms. Malou and Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort for a welcoming stay!


Shot using Samsung Note 9 & Nikon D3100 DSLR | Anilao, Batangas | August 2019

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