JULY 25, 2015 7:00PM

I accidentally detailed our Trip to Baler. After our Cebu-Bohol trip, Justin and I were already in the check-in line for our 8:05pm flight from Cebu to Manila. We heard some commotions in the counter. I already expected that our flight would be delayed— maybe for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

DAY 3: JULY 23, 2015

We arrived at the Cebu Port Terminal at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The only flaw from our itinerary was the ferry tickets. We cannot book ferry tickets beforehand, so we hoped our target ferry would still have available slots for all of us. Our target ferry was the 3:30pm ferry ride of MV Starcraft from Cebu to Tubigon worth 170 Php. The only available ride was the 5pm slot, so we still pushed through and waited in line, but unfortunately, there were only limited slots and the remaining few would cost 350Php. All for one and one for all, right?


DAY 2: JULY 22, 2015

After the 3-hour trip from Badian, Cebu, we arrived at the BCD’s Place in Oslob around 9pm. Although it felt like a 15 minute ride— we all fell asleep through the whole trip. We booked BCD’s Place beforehand and I swear it was one of the great deals we took in this trip. We bought a ticket for the whale shark encounter for only 500 Php instead of 1000 Php. So we took a shower, ate our dinner and hang out near the beach.


DAY 1: JULY 21, 2015
We arrived in Mactan International Airport a little delayed at around 11 in the morning. We hired a van to take us on a city tour. It was convenient enough to lessen our luggage and backpack problems. It was a chill outing— perfect for a “barkada” or group outing. Now we’re all set!