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Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

OSLOB, CEBU: Whale Shark Encounter & Tumalog Falls


DAY 2: JULY 22, 2015

After the 3-hour trip from Badian, Cebu, we arrived at the BCD’s Place in Oslob around 9pm. Although it felt like a 15 minute ride— we all fell asleep through the whole trip. We booked BCD’s Place beforehand and I swear it was one of the great deals we took in this trip. We bought a ticket for the whale shark encounter for only 500 Php instead of 1000 Php. So we took a shower, ate our dinner and hang out near the beach.

DAY 3: JULY 23, 2015

We woke up early, just in time for the first batch of the whale shark encounter. We were given life jackets, snorkeling gears and masks. Everyone participating for the encounter, whether snorkeling or viewing only on the boats, is required for the briefing. Surprisingly, there were a lot of tour guides compared to the ratio of the tourists. There were boatmen, feeders, and swimmers— all aiding the tourists and guiding the whale sharks.

Maybe the reason why whale sharks visit the area is because of the location of Oslob. It is located way south of Cebu, tourists flock the area just to see the whale sharks. These whale sharks are harmless, Feeding off of shrimps from fishermen. The environmentalist were alarmed that this might disturb the ecosystem, to prevent this, the feeding time were limited only from 9am to 12nn.

Whale sharks are the biggest sharks in the ocean yet their diet is mainly composed of plankton. There was one time where i got face to face with one of the whale sharks, it opened its mouth full of tiny teeth and at some point, I thought it was gonna rip off my head, but in the end it just swam under me. The thing is, whale sharks are not harmful to humans. They’ll just swim pass by you. They’re basically safe, but the question is, are we the ones harmful to them?

In order to co-exist and enjoy the whale shark encounter, there are rules each tourist must comply to. This would prevent the whale shark from harming us, and us from harming them. The administration said not to wear sunscreen during the encounter. Sunscreens have toxins and harmful chemicals that can hurt the whale sharks. A four meter setback must be observed when viewing the sharks up close. Picture taking is permitted as long as there is no flash photography.


We cut our time in the whale shark encounter to give way to a side trip to Tumalog Falls. Our van took us to the jump off trail towards the falls. There is a parking area and a series of habal-habal or motorcycles waiting for passengers. You have the option to walk downhill or ride the habal-habal. It would be an easy 15-minute walk downhill since the road was cemented, although it would be a steep walk back to the parking lot.

You can get the glimpse and hear the soft rush of the waterfalls as you walk towards it.


I was speechless when I saw the grandeur of the Tumalog Falls. The place is so photogenic, every angle I try to shoot gives off a worthy picture. Towering its sides were bamboos looking like curtains that hide a few glimpses of the falls. It’s unlike any falls I have ever visited, it’s more calm and breath-taking. Water coming from the top were like droplets of rain.

Just like any other falls, its water is ice cold— even colder than of Kawasan falls. It’s catch basin was shallow and only waist deep since only droplets of water cascades from the top. The place was so captivating. Every side of the waterfalls is picturesque. It truly is a hidden gem of Cebu.

We went back to BCD’s place and packed our stuff. Just before lunch time, we were on the road back to Cebu City. Our contract with the van was overnight that would take us from Cebu City with a side trip to Badian then to Oslob, and back again to Cebu City. I can’t believe we went to three Cebu provinces in two days! Our agenda for the next day was Bohol. So we headed to Cebu Port to buy ferry tickets that would take us to Bohol.


🚩Check out: Accommodations
🚩Breakfast: 100-150PHP for a mid-range meal
↠ Whale shark encounter: 1-2 hours depending on your pace | 500PHP | We booked the tour via BCD's tours.
🚩Van rental: 4300PHP | Divided by 11 pax
🚩BCD's Place to Tumalog falls: via van | inclusive in van rental
🚩Tumalog falls entrance fee: 25PHP
↠ Lunch: 100-150PHP for a mid-range meal
🚩Oslob to Cebu Port: via van | inclusive in van rental
🚩Cebu Port terminal fee: 25PHP
🚩Cebu Port to Tubigon: via MV Starcraft | 200PHP | Check the rates and schedule in MV Starcraft website.
🚩Tubigon Terminal fee: 20PHP
🚩Tubigon to Tagbilaran: free | We booked an accommodation at Marcelina's Guesthouse. They offered us free pickup at terminal
↠ Dinner: 100-150PHP for a mid-range meal
🚩Check In Accommodations: Marcelina's Guesthouse | 4000PHP for the apartment | Check their website here.

Total Cost (Day 3): 1225PHP per pax in our group of 11.

DAY 5: Chill at Catmon
DAY 6: Go home

Click here for the complete itinerary: 6D5N BACKPACKING CEBU-BOHOL

Watch our Cebu-Bohol getaway here:

Credits to Rae Argallon and Team Pangngalangan | Oslob, Cebu | July 2015 | Updated February 2018

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