SUSTAINABLE TRAVELING: How to Travel Eco-Friendly?


Sustainable Travel: What is it really about?

Sustainable traveling is a form of traveling wherein one takes into consideration the long term effect of an activity to the environment. It is an awareness for travelers to act accordingly-- to lessen the negative effects and decrease the overall damage of our everyday life in earth. 

Why should I join the movement?
We travelers are in love with nature and foreign attraction. We love exploring and discovering new destinations. Especially when these destinations, and even the locals, have been attached to our hearts. We want to preserve its beauty, hoping when we come back to visit again, it would still bring back the memories you had the first time you visit. 

Unfortunately, Most activities done by travelers affect the earth. We produce a large amount of carbon footprint than a regular person. Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon produced with the consumption of fossil fuels. 
How can I be a sustainable traveler?
How can we do something that we love without hurting the environment? 

1. Stray away from the single use plastics.
This should be number one on the list! Whether you are traveling or not, let us all skip the plastics-- nobody wants to be associate with it!

As a sustainable traveler: We eat a lot when we visit foreign lands. Invest in reusable straws, bottles, utensils and eating materials. Prioritize the use of earth-friendly materials like bamboo cups and terracotta bottles. Bring a bag for all your souvenirs/pasalubong and gifts if you are going shopping. Skip the shampoo/conditioner sachets and use refillable bottles. Avoid the take away! You are in a foreign land, a local restaurant ambiance is better than the hotel room.

2. Pack everything that you need.
Make a list and check it twice! Have a checklist of all the things you need for your trip. Checklists get rid of the unwanted shopping for necessities that you already have at home.

As a sustainable traveler: This way, you won't need to buy a product. Think of it as plastic, purchasing a product you already have seems like a waste of resources. You have also saved money which you can use for other activities.

3. Pick the ideal transportation for you.
Book direct flights. Flying is one of the top contributors of carbon footprint. Most of the time, direct flights are cheaper compared to flights with layovers. Did you know that there are airlines who are also trying to lessen their carbon emission? KLM is the first airline which started their environmental advocacy with uses bio-fuel and offsetting.

As a sustainable traveler: But the best way to lessen your carbon footprint is by riding a bike or walking! There are many cities that promote sustainable travel using bicycle tours. You may also do cross-city bicycle tours. You may try to explore in Cyclothons as well. In other countries, walking tours  have become a trend. Tourist sites are within close proximity to each other, making them easier to visit on foot. You have a choice to join group walking tours or a self-guided tour. You may opt to book walking tours which costs little to no expense. In these activities, you save your health, you save your money, you save earth! Isn't it win-win?

4. Book your accommodation in an Eco-lodge or LEED Certified Hotel.
You can be even more green with your accommodation! When choosing hotels and inns, book Eco-lodges or LEED Certified Buildings. Most of the time, these hotel makes u feel one in the nature. Most of them are situated within the vicinity of natural landmarks or destinations and some within the city as well. They chose organic and indigenous resources as construction materials, utilize renewable energy as utility source, and use environmental friendly equipment. You can learn more about their advocacy through their websites.

5. Refrain from booking travel activities that endanger the life of animals.
One of the controversial animal issues is the exploitation of elephants in Thailand. Instead of taking a riding tour with elephants, visit an Elephant Care Center instead. Choose activities like going into animal sanctuaries that foster their safety and promote life.

6. Support local.
Local products and tours means these resources are mostly garnered within the vicinity. There are also carbon emissions when creating products--from the transfers of raw materials to the machine that created them. Supporting local-made products create less chances of import and transfers making less carbon footprint.

7. Save water.
A simple household etiquette which you can also apply when you're traveling--no matter where you are in the world. Water goes onto a lot of filtration to be drinkable and safe to use. Same goes with protecting our oceans and seas. Our simple acts of proper waste disposal can help prevent the worsening of water pollution.

8.  Join Causes and Programs.
Do the extra mile for nature! Joining causes and programs for nature will also benefit us in the long run. Join tree planting programs held by the local government, hikes for a cause, and other programs with sustainable advocacy. This 2019, I will be launching a program entitled, AHON: A HIKE ONWARD FOR NATURE. This would be a travel series focused on promoting tree planting programs and green projects.

9. Visit to know how to lessen your carbon footprint.
You can always check this website to know how much carbon footprint you have made for a year. Once you have input the data, you will see which factor and activity produced the most carbon footprint. This way, you can also learn how to offset or lessen it even if you are not traveling. 

Are you up for the challenge? This 2019, let us all travel green! Share it with your friends.
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  1. 2019 is deemed to be the trend for all sustainable lifestyle. It should become part of our life not because it is uso.

    1. That would be good news if everyone will do it! I hope this year would be the turning point for everyone's continuous sustainable living.

  2. I read your blog frequently and I just thought I’d say keep up the amazing work! Green living

    1. Hi Burhan! Thank you! That means a lot to us! :)

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