Sorsogon, Philippines



Sorsogon is the southernmost province in Luzon, Philippines. It may be a 12+ hours land travel to this place, but you won't be disappointed by its untouched beauty. This is a Do-It-Yourself itinerary good for a barkada trip.

Sorsogon: Province in Bicol Region, Luzon
Country: Philippines
Coordinates: 12.7600° N, 123.9304° E
What to eat: A few dishes and desserts are Bicol Express (Stew with pork, shrimp paste, chili peppers, and coconut milk), Pili Nuts, Sili Ice Cream (Ice cream with Chili Peppers), Pili Ice Cream, Laing (Vegetable dish with gabi, chili peppers and shrimp paste)
What to do: surfing, beach, island hopping, heritage discovery
Where to stay: Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp in Gubat, Sorsogon, Holy Trinity Beach Resort in Subic beach
Ideal time to visit: Best time to visit is during summer, before or after the rainy season.
Language: Filipino/English/Bicol dialect
Currency: Philippine Peso: 53PHP = 1USD (rough estimate)

We booked a Cagsawa bus from Cubao Bus Terminal to Legazpi, Albay in Bicol Province. It was a 12-hour trip with 3-5 bus stops. The trip started from 7pm to 8am. 

Cubao to Legazpi: 12-14 hours via Cagsawa Bus | 935PHP | you can purchase tickets in advance or book online for fast queuing at the terminal. Book your trips at the Araneta Center Bus Port

DAY 0 SUMMARY: 935PHP per pax

Subic beach is a secluded island known for its pink beach. This pink beach, which is a rare gem in the Philippines, is the only pink beach in the Luzon group of islands. The pinkness of the sand is caused by the broken corals and shells along the island.

From Legazpi Bus Terminal, we hired a van that would pick us up and drop us at Matnog, a town in far south of Sorsogon,which is the drop-off point heading to Subic Beach. We only walked for about 10 minutes from the town proper until we reached the pier. We booked our accommodation at the Holy Trinity Resort, which includes our transportation to and from Subic Beach, the island hopping tour, overnight stay and breakfast. Subic beach is roughly 40 minutes away from the main land and food and grocery prices are higher, I suggest buying your food and other necessity in Matnog instead.

If you are not planning to hire a private van, you may opt to ride a van to Sorsogon/Matnog. I would also suggest booking your rooms at The Holy Trinity for a smooth stay and travel to Subic Beach.

🚩Subic Beach

Arrival at Legazpi Bus Terminal
Legazpi Bus Terminal to Matnog Town Proper, Sorsogon: 2-3 hours via hired van | 293PHP (3800PHP divided into 13 pax) | We hired a private van going to Matnog. Kuya Atoy (09213423685)
Lunch: 50-100PHP for a good meal
Matnog Town Proper to Matnog Port: 5-10 minutes walk | If you're booking with Holy Trinity Beach Resort, message your contact there and ask him to pick you up at the Town Proper. Kuya Alex, boatman (+639179030200)
Matnog Port to Subic Beach: 40 minutes via boat | inclusive in accommodation | Transportation to and from Subic Beach is included in the accommodation.
Accommodation in Subic Beach: The Holy Trinity Beach Resort | 1385PHP per pax (18,000PHP divided into 13pax) *Price was based on the quotation on our booking*
Dinner: 100PHP per pax | We bought our food to cook in Matnog since meals and drinks are pricier in Subic Beach

DAY 1 SUMMARY: 1828PHP per pax

📌 Van rental good for 13-14 pax (3800PHP)
(From Legazpi, Albay to Matnog, Sorsogon & From Gubat, Sorsogon to Legazpi, Albay)
- Contact Person: Kuya Atoy (09213423685); We booked him twice during our trip. Try to negotiate with him regarding your plans and tours. He can give you some useful tips.
📌 Packaged Accomodation & Tours at Holy Trinity Beach Resort for 13 pax (18,000PHP)
Includes pick-up from Matnog Port to Subic Island roundtrip, open cottage at beach, island hopping, environmental and island fees, tour guide, breakfast and accommodation 1 single room.split type aircon sidepool (2 to 3 pax) and 1 family room (10 pax)
- Contact Person: Kuya Alex, boatman (+639179030200) or Holy Trinity Beach Resort (+639997201326); message Holy Trinity Beach Resort for a quotation on your booking.


Our stay in the island was blessed with a little rain, yet we still feel like we are in paradise. We took our breakfast (inclusive in our booking) and head on for the island hopping. With the weather looking gloomy on one side and weirdly sunny on the other, we decided to skip a few islands and just visit the Jaun Fish Sanctuary since its route is on the way back to the mainland.

From Matnog, we climb our way back to the municipalities of Bulusan, Barcelona and Gubat. We hired a jeepney to take us on a tour along these areas such as Mt. Bulusan Lake and Barcelona Church. Smaller groups can hail a tricycle for 1500PHP. It is a reasonable price since you can have the tour for a whole day and explore more places in Sorsogon.

🚩Subic Beach
🚩Island Hopping Tour: Tikling Island 
🚩Island Hopping Tour: Jaun Fish Sanctuary
🚩Island Hopping Tour: Little Subic Island
🚩Island Hopping Tour: Calintaan Cave
🚩Mt. Bulusan Lake
🚩Barcelona Church
🚩Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp

Breakfast: inclusive in the accommodation
Accommodation Check out
Island Hopping - Tikling Beach: via boat | inclusive in the accommodation
Island Hopping - Calintaan Cave: via boat | inclusive in the accommodation
Island Hopping - Little Subic Beach: via boat | inclusive in the accommodation
Island Hopping - Jaun Fish Sanctuary: via boat | inclusive in the accommodation
Fish Sanctuary to Matnog Port:  via boat | inclusive in the accommodation
Sorsogon City tour: via exclusive jeepney | 231PHP per pax (3000PHP for the whole jeepney) | We hired a whole jeepney to take us on a tour along Sorsogon City and drop us at our accommodation in Gubat.
Sorsogon City Tour - Bulusan Nature Park: inclusive in the tour + 20PHP Entrance fee
Sorsogon City Tour. - Barcelona Coral Church: inclusive in the tour + no entrance fee
Barcelona Church to Lola Sayong Surf Camp: inclusive in the tour
Accommodation Check in: Lola Sayong Surf Camp | 290PHP per pax (1450PHP for a whole Kubo good for 5pax); Check their rates here.
Lunch: 50-100PHP for a good meal
Relax at the beach: free
Dinner: 50-100PHP for a good meal

DAY 2 SUMMARY: 641PHP per pax

📌 Bulusan Volcano National Park
- Activities like kayaking and trekking are available here. 
📌 Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp
- Lola Sayong is an Eco-surf Camp with the advocacy of  living with respect to the environment. It is a perfect place to find peace, to relax and to enjoy the nature. Lola Sayong offers packages inclusive of surfing, accommodation, tours and meals. Click here to know more about it. (Source: Lola Sayong Website)


Gubat is a municipality located at east of Sorsogon. This town is the home of Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp, the famous surf spot in Sorsogon. Something to like about this place is how untouched and bare the beach is. 

From Gubat, Sorsogon, we hired the same van we took from Legazpi to Matnog, this time, it would take us on a tour in Albay and drop us to the bus terminal in Legazpi. For a short side trip, we would be visiting Daraga Church and Cagsawa Ruins-- both with a great views of Mayon Volcano.

🚩Surfing at Lola Sayong Surf Camp
🚩Daraga Church
🚩Cagsawa Ruins

Breakfast: 50-100PHP for a good meal
(Optional) Surfing: 350PHP for an instructor and 1 hour surfing at Lola Sayong. See other rates here. Nearby resorts offered surfing for only 300PHP.
Accommodation Check Out
Gubat, Sorsogon to Legazpi, Albay: 1.5-2 hours via hired van | 293PHP (3800PHP divided into 13 pax) | We hired the same van. Kuya Atoy (09213423685)
Lunch: 150-200PHP at Small Talks Cafe; we tried local delicacies in the restaurant
Albay Tour - Cagsawa Ruins: inclusive in the tour + 20PHP Entrance fee
Albay Tour - Daraga Church: inclusive in the tour + no entrance fee
Albay Terminal to Cubao Terminal: 12-14 hours via Cagsawa Bus | 895PHP | you can purchase tickets in advance or book online for fast queuing at the terminal. Book your trips at the Araneta Center Bus Port

DAY 3 SUMMARY: 1408PHP per pax (without surfing)


The whole trip to Sorsogon was definitely something to remember. It is a place to live off-the-grid for a few days-- a true untouched paradise.


Itinerary and planning made by Pam Ortiz.
Photos shot by Rae Argallon, Cheloi Marasigan, Theo Residilla, Katrina Rinon, Alyssa Manrique, Pam Ortiz, Ryee Malonzo, Braely Vicente, Jamscott Manalo, Leandro Lacsamana, Itos Lelina, Luis Zulueta, Jayson Tabia and Ela Zabayle | Sorsogon, Bicol Region | November 2018

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  1. Wow! This is a detailed travel itinerary of Sorsogon. Everything is here. I felt the same when I traveled to Caramoan- long travel hours but the view is all worth it. The weather looks gloomy in your photos, good thing you were able to do some activities. I heard about Pink beach too, is it nice in personal? :) will bookmark this guide for future travel plans. Ty.

    1. Pink beach feels like Boracay-- but pink! Haha. Yes it was scary actually when we visited, one side was sunny and the other side was scary gloomy. But overall, perfect stay.

  2. I might need this detailed itenerary soon.. Ang ganda dyan.. Sarap pumunta dyan..

  3. Super detailed ng itinerary mo! I honestly don't have the patience to write something this detailed. Haha. Anyway, I love Bicol. There is something about this region that draws me to it. The sights, maybe. The food, definitely. It's mysterious.

    1. Thanks Ivan, just doing what I love the most! Short trip lang siya and super bitin. I will definitely come back!

  4. I used to travel to Sorsogon everywhere during my auditing days in Bicol. It was indeed a gorgeous city with many beaches to enjoy.

    1. True! I hope to visit other places in Sorsogon also!

  5. My husband and I are already planning our next year's family getaway and was looking through the prices. Sana available pa si Mang Atoy when we decide to bring the family to Sorsogon.

    1. Message mo siya. :) He was very accommodating in guiding us around the area. Enjoy your trip there.

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  7. Thank you, we will be using this one with my friends on April

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    Any tips? Kudos thanks hamptonbay

  9. Hello! May contact po ba kayo nang jeep na nirent nyo?

    1. Hi! Wala eh. Actually, we randomly asked a jeepney driver if they can take us to the Gubat. Accommodating naman ang locals and they were eager to help.