Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

BOHOL: Countryside Tour


DAY 3: JULY 23, 2015

We arrived at the Cebu Port Terminal at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The only flaw from our itinerary was the ferry tickets. We cannot book ferry tickets beforehand, so we hoped our target ferry would still have available slots for all of us. Our target ferry was the 3:30pm ferry ride of MV Starcraft from Cebu to Tubigon worth 170 Php. The only available ride was the 5pm slot, so we still pushed through and waited in line, but unfortunately, there were only limited slots and the remaining few would cost 350Php. All for one and one for all, right?

So we dropped the MV Starcraft from our list and looked for another ferry. We ended up with Ocean Jet. We booked the 4:30pm ferry ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran, 800Php roundtrip. We booked the ferry because it would be cheaper since our booked apartment is located in Tagbilaran. If we took the MV Starcraft which costs 350Php, we still need to take a van from Tubingon to Tagbilaran which costs 100Php.

Our trip to Bohol was our cheapest one yet. We booked a whole house to ourselves for only 4000Php and a Bohol tour for only 2500Php. We arrived in Tagbilaran around 7pm at the Marcelina’s house. The owners gave us a free port pickup and took us to our house for the night.

After finally settling in, we decided to explore Bohol at night. We expected the area to be less crowded passed 8pm, which was right, establishments were closed and the only place we can eat dinner was a 24-hour branch of Mcdonald’s. We took a tricycle going back to the house. There were no cars, no sound can be heard inside the houses and some roads are pitch black, the scary part was the driver’s words as we left the tricycle, to be careful of “bugoys” or “tambays” along the neighborhood. Good thing we got home safe.

DAY 4: JULY 24, 2015

We started Day 4 on a 6 o’clock wake up call. We packed our stuff, vacated the house and started our Bohol day tour. The first on our itinerary was Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol.

Aside from Dumaluan Beach, a series of resort span around the shores of Panglao. Each share the white sand and crystal blue waters. Planted along the shore were coconut trees that gave a Hawaiian look. Swings, furniture made of bamboo and wood, and nipa huts were constructed near the beachfront for a relaxing vibe.

Shells can be found along the shore. Coincidentally, we found a sea urchin on the beach. 

We changed our clothes and headed back to Bohol proper. We started with the Chocolate Hills. These hills span four provinces in Bohol, but the ones in Carmen were very prominent. They had an established viewing deck for the audience to fully enjoy the scenery.

Another catchy tourist spot in Bohol is the Man-made Forest in Bilar. It was the first and only man-made forest in the Philippines. It mainly composed of Mahogany trees spanning 2 kilometers, stretched densely in towns of Bilar and Loboc.

We catched our ferry ride from Bohol to Cebu at 4:30pm. We headed back to the rest house in Catmon, Cebu. We cleared all plans for the next day, to get some rest after three straight days of action-packed adventures, and to get back to the airport to catch our flight back to Manila.

↠ Breakfast: 100-150PHP for a mid-range meal
🚩Bohol City tour: 2000PHP | Marcelina Guesthouse offered Bohol tours
🚩Dumaluan Resort, Panglao entrance fee: 50PHP
🚩Blood Compact Shrine: free
🚩Baclayon Church: free
🚩Tarsier Santuary: 60PHP
🚩Hanging Bridge: Php 20PHP
🚩Loboc Church Ruins: free
↠ Lunch: 100-150PHP for a mid-range meal
🚩Man Made Forest: free
🚩Chocolate Hills: 50PHP
🚩Droped at Tubigon Ferry Terminal: inclusive in the tour | We told our driver to drop us at the terminal
🚩Tubigon Terminal fee: 20PHP
🚩Tubigon Port to Cebu Port: 200PHP
🚩Cebu Port to North Bus Terminal: 50PHP
🚩North Bus Terminal to Catmon: 70PHP via Ceres bus | Our Accommodations is located here.
🚩Accommodations: since our friend Luis has a relative here
↠ Dinner: free

Total Cost (Day 4): 802PHP


Credits to Rae Argallon and Team Panangngalan | July 2015 | Updated August 2018

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