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Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Baler, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines



JULY 25, 2015 7:00PM

I accidentally detailed our Trip to Baler. After our Cebu-Bohol trip, Justin and I were already in the check-in line for our 8:05pm flight from Cebu to Manila. We heard some commotions in the counter. I already expected that our flight would be delayed— maybe for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

When we arrived on the check-in counter, they said the plane would arrive at 12 midnight. Everyone in line was irritated for the 4-hour delay. So I talked to Cheloi to inform ThomEx (our travel organization headed to Baler) about the delay. They agreed to wait for me until 2:30am so Justin and I waited patiently.

JULY 26, 2015 12:40AM

I approached the information counter and asked what would be the boarding time, and she answered 1:40am. What a delay! I ended up calculating our travel time plus land travel from airport to QC. I thought they (the org) would still take me after two hours delay, right? So I tried my best to be patient.

JULY 26, 2015 1:50AM

We finally boarded the plane, but for some reason, we did not leave the airport for another hour, causing another time delay. The plane was also having technical difficulties before and after landing, which was really scary! At some point I thought the plane was going to crash.

JULY 26, 2015 4:00AM

We finally arrived at NAIA Terminal 4. I was so unlucky that night, even our car ran out of battery. Justin and I ended up getting a cab and had me dropped off at Quezon Avenue. 5 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING.



After six hours of land travel from Quezon City to Baler, Aurora, we finally got a chance to walk around and stretch. Our first stop was the Millenium Old Balete Tree. Here we are trying to climb along its roots, climbing was limited up to 3 meters high only.

It was sort of a enchanted tree for me. There was a passageway going to the insides of the tree— a little twisting and turning, and you’re inside it! And all 12 of us fit!

After our first stop, we decided to take our lunch. Our tour offers us buffet meals for only 200Php. We then headed to our inn, dropped our bags, changed into our swimming clothes, and went to Ditumabo Falls, or famously known as the Baler Mother Falls.

From the open lot, we took a tricycle to the jump off point of the trail, which costs 100 Php, roundtrip. The trail was an easy 30-minute trek. The paths were well-established and man-made bamboo bridges, ropes and bamboo handrails were built to provide a safer trail for the tourists. As we trek, we can see huge pipelines heading to the falls. This one right here is true sustainability, locals use the fresh water from the falls and filter it for a supply of clean water.

Ditumabo Falls is one of the attractions to go if you’re visiting Baler. They call it “Mother Falls” because it is the grandest waterfall within the area. It stands at 140 feet high as ice-cold water rush down from the Sierra Madre mountain range.

After Sabang beach, we headed off to the city. We went to Ermita Hill, where a cross is located on top of the hill. Ermita Hill was the previous refuge area when Baler was hit with a tsunami. Locals went to the area to avoid the flood and destruction of the waters.

While we were in the town proper, we took the time taking our pictures in the Baler Sign, Quezon Ancestral House, and Museo De Baler. When we arrived in the plaza, a culminating activity was happening. Barangay representatives, councilors and their governor where on the stage, watching cute little children dance along catchy songs.

Museo de Baler was a small museum, yet its inside where particularly interesting. It has collections of historical artifacts way back the time of the Spaniards. The museum’s facade was decorated with three-dimensional murals and sculpture over the red brick wall. Surfboards with colorful murals were placed on each side of the museum. The modern and colorful surfboards compliment the timeless-looking and simple building.

Inside were a collection of artifacts— paintings, sculptures, antiques, and photos.

Our last stop was the Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations. It was a little dry, yet maybe it was meant to be, but everywhere you look is picturesque— good for photoshoots, group shots and even selfies. It has a calm vibe, you can just sit, admire the endlessness of the seas, and feel the cold breeze damp against your face.


There are many travel tours offering cheap Baler Getaways. Here is a sample DIY Itinerary for Baler.

Cubao to Baler: roughly 6-7 hours of travel via Genesis bus | 550PHP
Tours: 2 hours via jeepney | 800PHP | You can hire a tricycle to for a whole day to take you to Baler Tourist Spots (Ditumabo Falls, Caunayan Falls, Anilao Islets, Diguisit Beach and Rock Formation, Hanging Bridge, Diguisit Falls, Ermita Hills, Baler Millennium Balete Tree
Ditumabo Falls entrance fee: 30PHP | You will pay this as the Hall
Ditumabo Falls Guide Fee: 200PHP | This guide fee is good for 10 persons
Caunayan Falls entrance fee: 20PHP | You will pay this as the Hall
Accommodations: 500PHP-3000PHP

Sabang Beach Surfing: 350PHP | This includes surfing lessons and an instructor for 1 hour
Baler Town Proper Tour: DIY | You can explore the town proper without hiring tour guides. Just take a tricycle from your current location to Baler Town Proper.
Baler Museum entrance fee: 10PHP
Aurora Quezon House entrance fee: 30PHP
>Town Proper to Bus Terminal: 20PHP | Estimated price
Baler Terminal to Cubao: roughly 6-7 hours of travel via Genesis bus | 550PHP

Watch our Baler trip video made by Maverick Malana, ThomEx Director of Video and Documentation.


Credits to Thomasian Expedition Society Batch 2015-2016 | Baler, Aurora | July 2015 | Updated March 2018

RAESCAPE contains affiliate links in the website. By clicking and purchasing through this links, I get to earn a small commission to help me run this website without extra cost to you. Thank you for helping a fellow traveler and say yes to adventures! 

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