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Rae & Cheloi
Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Bali, Indonesia


In planning this itinerary, we wanted to visit as many great temples as we want, learn the culture, as well as relax. From the airport we started heading south to Uluwatu and headed to Sanur, a town at east part of South Bali. We wanted to stay the night at Sanur since it was the jump off point heading to the Nusa Islands namely, Nusa Lebongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan. We would have a day tour of Nusa Penida before heading to Ubud. After spending two days in Ubud, we would explore the temples along Central Bali as we head back to Seminyak located in South Bali. The route was basically a circle since we aim to stay near the airport on our last day.

54PHP = 1USD = 14,377IDR
1PHP = 271IDR

South Bali was the first in the itinerary because (1) the airport is located at the southern area of Bali; and (2) we were heading to Nusa Penida for the second day. So we need to check in a hotel in Sanur (also located at the southern part of Bali.) South Bali is rich in beaches for swimming and surfing: Dreamland Beach, Jimbaran Beach and Pandawa Beach just to name a few.

Points of Interest:

🚩Jimbaran Beach
🚩Uluwatu Cave and Siluban Beach
🚩Uluwatu Temple
🚩Pandawa Beach
🚩Nusa Dua Waterblow
🚩Arrival at Airport & Immigration
🚩Airport Pick-up and Full Day tour: Good for 10 hours | 449.000IDR (1655PHP) | Prebooked via Klook Bali Private Car Charter 10 Hours with Klook (good for 2-4 pax)
🚩Bali Sim card: 100.000IDR (369PHP) | Prebooked via Klook Bali Sim Card, we bought only 1 just for navigation and contacting drivers/hotels
🚩Airport to Jimbaran Beach: 25 minutes via klook car | inclusive with the day tour
 Lunch at a local warung in Jimbaran Beach: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
🚩Jimbaran Beach to Uluwatu Cave & Siluban Beach: 40 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Siluban Beach/Uluwatu Cave: a few minutes walk | free entrance
🚩Siluban Beach to Uluwatu Temple: a few minutes walk | inclusive in the tour
🚩Uluwatu Temple: 30.000IDR (110PHP) entrance fee
🚩Uluwatu Temple to Pandawa Beach: 40 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Pandawa Beach: 15.000IDR (55PHP) entrance fee
🚩Pandawa Beach to Nusa Dua Waterblow: 40 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Nusa Dua Waterblow: free entrance
🚩Nusa Dua Waterblow to Sanur Accommodations: 50 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Sanur Accommodations: 135.000-271.000IDR (500PHP-1200PHP) for a room (2 pax) | Book cheap accommodations near the Sanur Ferry Terminal
 Dinner at a local warung: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal

DAY 1 SUMMARY: 789.000IDR (2912PHP) For Solo-traveler | 447.000IDR (1645PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 309.750IDR (1144PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

Click here for a detailed guide: NUSA PENIDA
Sanur Ferry Terminal
Angel Billabong

Penida Island is a small island accessible via speed boat 40 minutes from mainland Bali. Nusa Penida offers everything from lush green trees to coconut-filled beaches. There are two tours for Nusa Penida: either the west or the east tour. Kelingking Beach, Broken beach, Pohon Cinta and Angel Billabong are the places to visit in the West trip, while east trip composes of Atuh Beach, Tree house Molenteng, Raja Lima/Thousand Land of Atuh and Teletubbies Hills. Nusa Penida is also a great diving spot with underwater attractions like manta rays. You can opt to do the West and East trips for 2D1N, inclusive of accommodations, tours and meals for 1,800.000 per pax. Book here at Balilivin.

Kelingking Beach
Points of Interest:
🚩Pohon Cinta
🚩Broken Beach
🚩Angel Billabong
🚩Kelingking Beach
🚩Crystal Beach
🚩Check out Sanur Accommodations
 Breakfast: inclusive
🚩Sanur Accommodations to Sanur Ferry Terminal: a few minutes walk 
🚩Nusa Penida tour: 1,400.000IDR (5,160PHP) | 700.000IDR (2,580PHP) per pax, Minimum of 2 Pax. Inclusive of roundtrip fast boat tickets, car tour, entrance fees.  For 3+ pax, please check Balilivin for prices. (Ex. For group of 4: 600.000IDR/pax)
🚩Sanur Ferry Terminal to Nusa Penida: 40 minutes via fast boat | inclusive in the tour
🚩Pohon Cinta: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
🚩Broken Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
🚩Angel Billabong: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
 Lunch: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
🚩Kelingking Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
🚩Crystal Bay Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
🚩Nusa Penida to Sanur Ferry Terminal: 40 minutes via fast boat | inclusive in the tour
🚩Sanur Ferry Terminal to Perama Bus Terminal Sanur: a few minutes walk 
🚩Perama Bus Terminal Sanur to Perama Bus Terminal Ubud: 50.000IDR (185PHP)
 Dinner: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
🚩Ubud Accommodations: 110.000-325.000IDR (400-1500PHP) for a room (2 pax) | Book cheap accommodations near Ubud Palace/Ubud Center

DAY 2 SUMMARY: 1,620.000IDR (5979PHP) For Solo-traveler | 815.000IDR (3008PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 715.000IDR (2639PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

Click here for a detailed guide: UBUD
Since Sanur is already near Ubud, that was the ideal place to be. Ubud is a must-visit when you're in Bali. There were lots of sights to see: temples, terraces, waterfalls, monkeys, swings, cheap villas, shopping, good food and nightlife. For a small part of Bali, Ubud has everything.

Sacred Monkey Forest

Tegelalang Rice Terraces
Points of Interest:
🚩Tegenungan Falls
🚩Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring
🚩Tirta Empul
🚩Tegalalang Rice Terraces
🚩Sacred Monkey Forest
🚩Ubud Traditional Art Market
🚩Ubud Royal Palace
🚩Saraswati Temple
 Breakfast: inclusive
🚩Full Day tour: Good for 10 hours | 449.000IDR (1655PHP) | Prebooked via Klook Bali Private Car Charter 10 Hours
🚩Accommodations to Tegenungan Falls: 40 minutes via Klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Tegenungan Falls: 15.000IDR (55PHP) entrance fee
🚩Tegenungan Falls to Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring: 50 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring: 15.000IDR (55PHP) entrance fee
🚩Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring to Tirta Empul: 40 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Tirta Empul: 30.000IDR (220PHP) entrance fee
🚩Tirta Empul to Tegalalang Rice Terraces: 20 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Tegalalang Rice Terraces: 10.000IDR (37PHP) entrance fee
🚩Tegalalang Rice Terraces to Sacred Monkey Forest: 30 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Sacred Monkey Forest: 50.000IDR (185PHP) entrance fee
🚩Sacred Monkey Forest to Ubud Market: 10 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
 Lunch: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
🚩Ubud Traditional Art Market: free entrance | shopping and souvenirs
🚩Ubud Market to Ubud Royal Palace: a few minutes walk
🚩Ubud Royal Palace: free entrance
🚩Ubud Royal Palace to Saraswati Temple: a few minutes walk
🚩Saraswati Temple: free entrance
 Dinner: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal
🚩Ubud Accommodations: 110.000-325.000IDR (400-1500PHP) for a room (2 pax) | Book cheap accommodations near Ubud Palace/Ubud Center

DAY 3 SUMMARY: 739.000IDR (2728PHP) For Solo-traveler | 459.500IDR (1696PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 347.250IDR (1282PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

Click here for a detailed guide: BALI'S TEMPLES
Taman Ayun Temple

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Taman Ayun Temple and Tanah Lot are a few of the famous temples in Bali. We dedicated our last day exploring these temples for the tour. For the final afternoon to evening, we decided to eat our heart out with local food, have a massage and relax by the beach. 

Tanah Lot
Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Points of Interest:

🚩Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
🚩Taman Ayun Temple
🚩Tanah Lot
🚩La Plancha
Checkout Ubud Accommodations
 Breakfast: inclusive
🚩Full Day tour: Good for 10 hours | 449.000IDR (1655PHP) | Prebooked via Klook Bali Private Car Charter 10 Hours
🚩Ubud to Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple: 1.5 hours via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Ulun Danu Temple: 50.000IDR (185PHP) entrance fee
🚩Ulun Danu Temple to Taman Ayun Temple: 1 hour via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Taman Ayun Temple: 20.000IDR (74PHP) entrance fee
🚩Taman Ayun Temple to Tanah Lot: 40 minutes via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Tanah Lot: 60.000IDR (220PHP) entrance fee
🚩Tanah Lot to Seminyak Accommodations: 1 hour via klook car | inclusive in the tour
🚩Seminyak Accommodations: 163.000-406.500IDR (600-1500PHP) for a room (2 pax) | Book cheap accommodations near the beach
 Lunch: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal
🚩Explore Seminyak Street: explore the area by foot
🚩Massage: 50.000-120.000IDR (185-443PHP) | We basically passed by a lot of spas and got to see one with a price of 50.000IDR in Seminyak Street
 Dinner: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal
🚩La Plancha: free entrance | optional 36.000IDR for a Bintang + service charge and tax 

DAY 4 SUMMARY: 852.000IDR (3145PHP) For Solo-traveler | 546.000IDR (2015PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 403.750IDR (1490PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

Seminyak Beach
La Plancha

 Breakfast: inclusive
🚩Beach: a few minutes walk, free time
🚩Seminyak Accommodations to Airport: 91.000IDR (333PHP) | Prebooked via Klook Private Airport Transfers

DAY 5 SUMMARY: 91.000IDR (333PHP) For Solo-traveler | 45.500IDR (167PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 22.750IDR (84PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

5D4N BALI BUDGET: For Solo-travelers: 4,091.000IDR (15,097PHP); For 2 Pax: 2,313.000IDR (8531PHP) per pax; For a Group of 4: 1,798.500IDR (6639PHP) per pax

A. Pre-travel essentials:
 Book your hotels through Booking or Agoda. They offer pay at the hotel or credit card payments. I highly suggest booking hotels near the beach, in the city centers or within transport terminals. The second concern I look into would be the amenities and overall aesthetics of the place. I prefer hotels with ac, own bath, wifi and breakfast included. Pools, gardens and other amenities would be a plus. I prefer booking cheap hotels since I only stay there for sleeping.
 Pre-booked tours with Klook.
We booked the Bali Private Car Charter when touring around Bali. It's good for 10 hours (additional 50.000IDR per hour in excess) and you have your own driver. I suggest booking this when you're traveling in a group. You make your own itinerary and the driver would also help you plan your day. Take note that there are specific areas in Bali you can visit with this Charter. You need to pay an additional 250.000IDR and I think that was the downside. We really wanted to go to Besakih Temple, Handara Gate, and Penglipuran Village.
 The Bali Sim card.
You can use it to navigate and contact your drivers and hotels.
 The Private Car Airport Transfers
We booked this on our last day.
 PH Travel Tax: 1620PHP
 Download applications you need for navigation as well as contacting drivers and hotels. Applications like whatsapp are widely use in the area.

B. Getting around:

 The best mode of transportation is through renting a motorbike since it costs less, the petrol cost less and you get to choose which places you want to go.
 If you want to hire a driver, I highly suggest Adbi, you may contact him: +62812-4687-6658 (in whatsapp) he offers great deals if you plan on hiring a car when getting around Bali.
 Go-jek: a motorbike transportation. Although mostly used in Kuta and Seminyak area, and never in Ubud. Grab and Uber are not allowed in Bali.

C. What to eat:

 Mie Goreng: fried noodles
 Nasi Goreng: friend rice
 Babi Guling: basically indonesian version of philippine lechon served at the side with vegetables and rice
+ a lot more

D. Tips:

 You don't need to buy sarong when visiting temples, you can rent them free of charge (or maybe it was included in the entrance fee)
 When shopping, try to bargain 50-70% off the original price.
 Eat at the local warungs because they are cheaper and restaurants have 10% tax and 5-15% service charge.
 Book cheap hotels near city centers, beaches and transport terminals.
 Bring a water bottle and had it refilled at the your hotel. Tap water in Indonesia isn't safe.
 Know the places where you want to go and build your itinerary around it. Then cross off places that are too far away (unless you really want to go).


Credits to Rae Argallon and Cheloi Marasigan | Bali, Indonesia | July 2018

RAESCAPE contains affiliate links in the website. By clicking and purchasing through this links, I get to earn a small commission to help me run this website without extra cost to you. Thank you for helping a fellow traveler and say yes to adventures!

Read about the Disclosure here.


  1. This itinerary for Bali is quite nice. As for Nusa Penida, I went by scooter to those beaches - yet the roads are REALLY bumpy and full of potholes... hiring a driver is easier for folks not used to this ;)

  2. Waow! This is an amazing guide! Very informative! I enjoyed the photos as well! Thanks a lot for sharing

  3. Great travel guide- looks like you covered a lot of ground! Bali always looks so intriguing to me!

    1. It's sure is amazing! You should definitely visit it! It's one of the cheapest destinations in South East Asia.

  4. Thanks for providing such detailed intinerary. Saves me so much time and effort to figure everything out - I will definitely try your suggestions when I get to Bali!

  5. Nice, I've been wanting to do Southeast Asian Itinerary. I hope I can include other countries nearby to maximize my time. Great detailed itinerary and pictures.

    1. Great! If you're planning to visit the Philippines, hit me up or check out some of my other posts too. :)

  6. Great post! we did a similar trip a few months ago and saw many temples, beaches and rice terraces and loved every minute of it, especially the food and people!

  7. Bali is certainly in my list! I'm sure I'll go crazy once there!

  8. Bali has it all. There can be endless fun at beaches. And delve in spiritual aura of temples too.

  9. For someone who's never been to Bali this is a very helpful guide. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I just saw a lot of videos about Bali and temples, but your post is amazing for planning and explore more.
    I have to go!

  11. Love this post and how you broke down each day. I have saved this and will definitely look at this when we travel next year! The beached will probably be our best part (:

  12. That's a comprehensive compilation of things to do around Bali. However, I visited most of it and frankly wasn't excited a lot by the Monkey forest. I mean its just about monkeys and we have a lot already in India, Haha.

  13. An awesome post on Bali! Reminds me very much of my own adventures in Bali just last month. Incredibly pictures and very well written :D

  14. Love your very detailed itinerary of Bali! Wish I have known this before going to Bali. It should have saved me a lot of time figuring things out my own lol

    1. It's okay! You can always come back to Bali! <3

  15. Nusa Penida is lovely and those rice terraces are so well groomed! The beaches are very crowded, though, especially if you want some peace and quiet.

  16. Whoa! What a detailed guide to Bali. Just what I was looking for. Bookmarking it for the future reference. BTW The pics are lovely :)

  17. Thanks for sharing this detailed itinerary for Bali. I am saving it for my future trip. will be very helpful

  18. Wow!! Such a thorough itinerary! I'll definitely be following your future travels; this was super helpful. =)

  19. What an awesome, deteiled Bali guide! I wish I read this before I visited Bali it would have saved me a lot of time!

  20. I really want to go to Bali. I love how detailed this blog post. Its definitely being bookmarked for my travel through Asia.

  21. We planned a trip to Indonesia twice and both the times could not travel. This is an amazing itinerary and a wonderful guide giving all the information we need to make a plan.. hopefully soon!

    1. Thanks! You should explore nearby islands also as well as go surfing and diving. :)

  22. Really well written post! I went to Bali myself a couple of weeks ago, wish I knew about Babi guling so I could have tried it!

    1. You can always come back! I miss their food also! :)

  23. Bali was the first Asian destination I ever visited - good memories. Although it's very touristy, it is such a beautiful and spiritual place - and the food is outstanding!

    1. True! I love how we immersed ourselves in their culture too!

  24. I've been lusting over pictures of Bali on Instagram and this intinerary is so handy for people looking to plan their visit. Kelingking Beach and the Sacred Monkey forest look incredible!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hope it'll help you in your travel to Bali! x

  25. Dear Rae and Cheloi, I am so glad that you enjoy your short getaway to Bali. Your vacation has included all the things that the Wonderful Indonesia can offer: the beautiful nature of Ubud and Nusa Penida, the great culture of Balinese, the delicious of nasi goreng, and the warm welcome of drivers who guide you.

    Please come to other place of Indonesia. From Manila you can reach Jakarta directly, to find the pretty Krakatau Mount on the sea, the great history about how Dutch colonial governed Indonesia in three centuries pre-independence, and also taste delicious food such as Soto Betawi and tongseng kambing. You will love my country more than you can imagine :)

    1. Thank you for the tips Vicky! Indonesia has a lot to offer and in the future, I want to backpack Indonesia's different islands! Looking forward to it!

  26. We attempted to travel to Indonesia twice but were unable to. This excellent schedule and wonderful guidance provide us with all the details we need to build a Cv Writing Service In Karachi, hopefully very soon!


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