Penida Island, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

NUSA PENIDA FOR FIRST TIMERS: Itinerary, Helpful Tips, and Budget for Filipinos


Escape to: Nusa Penida 
Nusa Penida: Island in Bali
Country: Indonesia
Coordinates: 8.7278° S, 115.5444° E

Nusa Penida has suddenly become one of the top places to see in Bali (according to our driver) and he said we should expect many tourists even when arriving early.

Penida Island is a small island accessible via speed boat 40 minutes from mainland Bali. Nusa Penida offers everything from lush green trees to coconut-filled beaches. There are two trips or tours for Nusa Penida: either the west or the east tour. Kelingking Beach, Broken beach, Pohon Cinta and Angel Billabong are the places to visit in the West trip, while east trip composes of Atuh Beach, Tree house Molenteng, Raja Lima/Thousand Land of Atuh and Teletubbies Hills. Nusa Penida is also a great diving spot with underwater attractions like manta rays. You can opt to do the West and East trips for 2D1N, inclusive of accommodations, tours and meals for 1,800.000 per pax. Book here at Balilivin.

Our Nusa Penida day trip started at 7:30AM.  We waited at Mola-Mola express boat (Balilivin pre-booked tickets) since the first boat heading to Nusa Penida is scheduled at 8:30AM. It was a 40-minute travel from Sanur to Nusa Penida, and our driver, Dwik, was waiting for us at the terminal. 

It was a bumpy ride going to these two places since the roads were still under construction. It was 40-60 minutes from the ferry terminal to Angel Billabong. Nusa Penida is one pure paradise and Angel Billabong is one magical place (yet you will be sharing this magical place with lots of tourists). Just staring at the water crash was worth the time. Although during our trip, waves were huge, and sometimes, they advise the people not to go near the edge since the water gets really high.

A few minutes walk (in the scorching heat) from Angels Billabong is the Broken Beach. Another magical place.
You would ask, how was this even possible? I was not sure until our guide told us that a chunk of land of this cave crushed and formed a circular remains. 

Our next stop was Kelingking Beach. This is one of the picturesque places I've ever seen. Coming from the top most part of the mountain, you need to hike down a steep make-shift stairs supported by bamboos and ropes. It might be scary, but once you reached the bottom, white sand and clear waters would take the exhaustion away.

The last stop was Crystal Bay. We got to spend more than an hour here where we get to swim, relax, drink coconut! This would be one of the chillest place I've ever seen.

Make sure to be in Sanur Ferry Terminal at 7:30AM since the first fastboat to Nusa Penida is at 8:30AM
You can book via Balivin. They offer 2 tours for Nusa Penida: the East tour (Atuh Beach, Tree House Molenteng, Raja Lima, Teletubbies hills) and the West tour (Kelingking Beach, Angel Billabong, Pohon Cinta, Broken Beach). These tours includes fast boat tickets, car with driver, entrances to destinations. Or you may opt to book a 2D1N Nusa Penida tour inclusive of all tours, meals and accommodations.

It would be ideal to stay the night before in Sanur if you are heading to Nusa Penida. If that isn't an option for your itinerary, Balilivin also offers transfers from different areas in Bali with an additional charge. Choose hotels near the Sanur Ferry Terminal. *Please note the following accommodations are a few of the cheap accommodations in Sanur. Prices may change anytime*
The Alley City Hotel: 600PHP via Agoda
Pulasari Home Stay: 600PHP via Agoda
D'joemah Nadja Homestay: 700PHP via Agoda

Nusa Penida is the 2nd day for 5D4N in our Bali Trip. Click here for the full itinerary.

Sanur Accommodations to Sanur Ferry Terminal: a few minutes walk 
Nusa Penida tour: 1,400.000IDR (5,160PHP) | 700.000IDR (2,580PHP) per pax, Minimum of 2 Pax. Inclusive of roundtrip fast boat tickets, car tour, entrance fees.  For 3+ pax, please check Balilivin for prices. (Ex. For group of 4: 600.000IDR/pax)
Sanur Ferry Terminal to Nusa Penida: 40 minutes via fast boat | inclusive in the tour
Pohon Cinta: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
Broken Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
Angel Billabong: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
 Lunch: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
Kelingking Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
Crystal Bay Beach: entrance fee inclusive in the tour
Nusa Penida to Sanur Ferry Terminal: 40 minutes via fast boat | inclusive in the tour
Sanur Ferry Terminal to Perama Bus Terminal Sanur: a few minutes walk 
Perama Bus Terminal Sanur to Perama Bus Terminal Ubud: 50.000IDR (185PHP)
 Dinner: 30.000-50.000IDR (110-185PHP) for a cheap complete meal 
Ubud Accommodations: 110.000-325.000IDR (400-1500PHP) for a room (2 pax) | Book cheap accommodations near Ubud Palace/Ubud Center

DAY 2 SUMMARY: 1,620.000IDR (5979PHP) For Solo-traveler | 815.000IDR (3008PHP) per pax for 2 Pax-travelers | 715.000IDR (2639PHP) per pax for group of 4 travelers

*Prices may change and travel time may vary.

Credits to Cheloi Marasigan | Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia | July 2018

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