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Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Negros Occidental, Philippines


Day 1: Sipalay

We arrived in Silay Airport at 7 in the morning. We went straight to the van terminal heading to Bacolod City to drop our things at the hotel. Our hotel is located near the municipal hall of Bacolod.
There were two option going to Sipalay: either via bus or via van. We picked the latter. There's not much difference if you took the bus.

 After 5-6 hours of travel, we were dropped at Sipalay public market. Enjoying the places in Sipalay can be by tricycle or by boat ride. Both of them will pass by destinations like Punta Ballo, Tinagong Dagat, and Sugar beach.

Sipalay is rich with beautiful beaches with white sand, lush green islets and that fresh breeze all people from the Metro badly need. For us people of Luzon, Sipalay's islets would remind us of The Pangasinan's Hundred Islands.

So we hired a tricycle for our Resort-hopping because we intended to have a quick tour. We thought since we arrived at noon, picking a boat as a transportation would be time consuming and we also want to have our dinner in Bacolod.

So we head onto our first destination: Tinagong Dagat. It's one of the must-see destinations in Sipalay. Tinagong Dagat offers a secluded vibe-- crossing islets via bamboo bridges and giving scenic view of the sea, the sky and the islands. 

Not far from Tinagong Dagat is Perth Paradise Resort. What caught local  and foreign tourists' eyes was its infinity pool overlooking nearby islets. It was captivating. We took our lunch and decided to call off all the other places to visit and just hang in here. It was pure paradise.

Yet we had to leave and get back to Bacolod. We then met with our driver. He said we should check Sugar Beach, since we're already here, we happily agreed. 

At 5pm, we arrived at Sipalay Public Market. We braced ourselves for a 5-hour travel back to Bacolod.

Day 2: Lakawon-Silay-Talisay

Lakawon Island
Since we explored the south part of Negros Occidental, our 2nd day's goal is to head to the North, get our skin kissed by the sun, and relax in a bar floating on the sea. Yup! When you're in Bacolod, you should really put Lakawon Island and Tawhai Floating Bar on your to-go list.

From Bacolod, we took a Northbound Ceres bus going to Cadiz City terminal. We hailed a tricycle going to the pier. There is a building exclusive for Lakawon wherein tourists will pay for their stay-- whether day tour or overnight. This includes the round-trip pump-boat ride and entrance fee. Entrance fee to Tawhai Floating Bar is optional and can also be purchased here. Everything was organized and quick.

It was a long weekend, and I expected a crowd. It was still beautiful, relaxing and calm. The weather was scorching hot and the water's cold-- perfect for a swim.

Tawhai Floating Bar
Since we already bought our ticket to the floating bar, we headed to the pump-boat that will take us to the Tawhai.

There was a whole new vibe in Tawhai Floating Bar. Kids jumping off the sides of the boat, people at the bar and some were relaxing on the beds getting their skin tanned. You can relax, drink and have fun all at the same time. My kind of place. 

It was passed lunch time when we decided to head back and experience Silay. We took our pump-boat back to Cadiz, hailed a tricycle to the terminal and hopped on a bus heading to Silay City. 

Silay Walking Tour
Silay would be the cheapest destination for this trip and one with the plenty places to visit. Silay is very rich in our architectural heritage. Old and very much intact houses can be seen on every street. Some of them are made into museums.

When taking your DIY Silay Walking Tour, your first stop must be the Cesar Locsin y Lacson Ancestral House. While you're at it, you should try the Guapple Pie of El Ideal Bakery.

The second stop will be the Balay Negrense followed by Manuel Hofilena Ancestral House. Visiting Bernardino Jalandoni is a must because its the only Pink house in Silay. Not far are the Cinco de Noviembre Marker, Municipal hall museum and San Diego Pro Cathedral.

 Since it was almost 5 in the afternoon, we decided to visit The Ruins in Talisay. We rented a tricycle that would take us to Talisay as well as drop us off to a jeepney terminal going back to Bacolod.

Although it was a little crowded, the Ruins at night is definitely a sight to see. I can imagine the glamour that was once this mansion. 


↠Book hotels/inns which serve breakfast. This can lessen expenses or you can either bring food.
 Locals were very accommodating. Just ask for directions and they'll point you to the right way. It was a little confusing going around but there's always someone willing to help. Don't forget to smile and say thanks. :) 

Itinerary based on our trip. Good for two persons.

Silay Airport to Bacolod City: 45 mins via van | 150PHP | There are van shuttles available at the Airport, the drivers are very accommodating and they will drop you off your hotel

Accommodations to South Terminal: 10 minutes via jeepney | 10PHP | Depends where youre coming from

Bacolod City to Sipalay: There are two options when heading to Sipalay, via bus 210PHP which is 5-6 hours 

↠ Lunch

Sipalay Tour: good for whole day via tricycle | 1500PHP | The driver would bring you to all resorts and beaches

Entrance fee to Tinagong Dagat: 30PHP

Entrance fee to Pert Paradise: 80PHP + 100PHP Pool Access

Entrance fee to Punta Ballo: Inclusive

Sipalay to Bacolod City: 5-6 hours via van | 250PHP | Ask your driver to drop you at the van terminal, it is located at Sipalay Market

↠ Dinner

Accommodations: 2000PHP estimated for 3days 2nights

↠ Breakfast

Accommodations to North Terminal: 10 minutes via jeepney | 10PHP

Bacolod Ceres Terminal to Cadiz Bus Terminal: 95PHP via bus

Cadiz Bus Terminal to Cadiz Viejo Port: 40PHP via tricycle

Cadiz Viejo Port to Lakawon Island: 250PHP round trip via pump boat

Entrance fee to Lakawon Island: 100PHP

Entrance fee to Tawhai Floating Bar: 250PHP | This includes the pump boat going to and from the floating bar

↠ Lunch
Cadiz Viejo Port to Cadiz Bus Terminal: 40PHP via tricycle
Cadiz Bus Terminal to Silay: 80PHP
Silay Walking Tour: free
Entrance fee to San Sebastian Church: Free
Entrance fee to Balay Negrense: 60PHP 
Entrance fee to El Ideal Bakery: Free
Entrance fee to San Diego Pro Cathedral: free
Entrance fee to Church of the Angry Christ: free
Silay Cathedral to the Ruins: 500PHP | We hired a tricycle to take us to the Ruins as well as drop us to the terminal
Entrance fee to the Ruins: 150PHP
Talisay to Bacolod City: inclusive | Sincce we hired a tricycle


↠ Breakfast
Accommodations to North bus terminal: 10PHP |via jeepney | depends where your hotel is 
North terminal to Silay: 50PHP | via bus

Silay to Silay Airport: 200PHP | via shuttle van
Airport Terminal fee: 200PHP

TOTAL: Solo-travel: 6255PHP Group-travel of 2 (per person): 4300PHP

Food ranges from 100-250PHP per meals


Credits to Cheloi Marasigan | Bacolod, Negros Occidental | August 2017

RAESCAPE contains affiliate links in the website. By clicking and purchasing through this links, I get to earn a small commission to help me run this website without extra cost to you. Thank you for helping a fellow traveler and say yes to adventures!

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