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Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

CALLE UNO: Your Best Coworking Space In Baguio City

Co-working spaces aren't just trends. We freelancers, travel bloggers, writers, and start ups grew tired of the noisy coffee shop and wanted a place where they can focus, be productive, and actually get things done. Eventually, everyone adapted and strayed away from the classroom or office set-up and wanted a more flexible and breathable space.

Nestled in Baguio is a co-working space that pioneered the trend in the city, Calle Uno Co-working and Collaborative Space.


From this, to this!

The Calle Uno Building was the adaptive reuse outcome of an old abandoned bodega turned into co-working building. Its general structure was retained and we personally admire its interiors! Most  furniture were recycled and constructed on site. They have a collection of antiques, vinyls, and artworks!

"Art that interact with surroundings."
Check out these antiques and witty artworks!

The space. Ample spaces with couches, tables and chairs are ideal for those using their laptops, reading books, and collaborating. Didn't get a chance to bring a laptop? You can avail the use of desktop computers for a cheap price! 

Soon, there will be ten thousand books will be made available for everyone to read! 

How's the wifi? Guess what! Calle Uno has the fastest internet in Baguio City! For coffee-lovers like us, we absolutely love the unlimited Sagada coffee! Calle Uno got you covered on your all-nighters.

You can also host your own events in the Food Hub or in the co-working spaces! Calle Uno can do caterings and events ideal for workshops, seminars, presentations, training, meetings and family celebrations! For just PHP 1000 per hour, you will get free-flowing coffee, video projector, internet access and sound system!


There are offices you can rent for your businesses. You will have your own space while enjoying the same amenities with other users-- unlimited coffee and the use of their kitchen. Calle Uno houses the only co-working-space-based Grab in the Philippines. You should also check out the art by Bladimer Usi!

Calle Uno is also the home of Vivixx Coding Boot Camp. If you are aware of the Honest Taxi Driver, Reggie was one of the many who entered this boot camp. They offer an intensive 6-month training course to become developers and programmers. 

The Gazebo is a good area for training and its absolutely free for members. Non members can rent it for 1000PHP per hour.

GRUB ALERT: Calle Uno Food Hub

We love the diversity of food in the hub! We highly recommend Pakistani Kabab House which offers Pakistan and Indian food.

In the mood for Korean Samgyeopsal? O Dong Tong Samgyeopsal House would satisfy your craving and for a lesser price!

Looking for a taste like home? La Cocina de Mama is your go-to-resto for that traditional Filipino food.

Stay tuned because a Bar serving Belgian beers will also be available soon! We also love that we can take our food inside the co-working space, especially when you're really in the mood to work! 

They are currently expanding and constructing a fine dining restaurant, Envie, located in the Calle Uno Food Hub. Another restaurant to be excited about is the Dining in the Sky with the view of Baguio City. This would be a restaurant and cafe which could also be rented for a private evening. 


Drop in Coworking Rates
PHP 500 - Daily rate 
PHP 350 - Off member rate
PHP 250 - Student rate
Inclusive of free-flowing coffee and use of shared spaces.
Additional PHP 300 - use of Desktop PC
Additional PHP 200 - use of Cubicle

Membership Rates
PHP 2000 - Weekly membership
PHP 5000 - Monthly membership
PHP 25,000 - 6 Months membership
PHP 40,000 - Yearly membership
Inclusive of fast internet, unlimited coffee, 24/7 access and business address. You may get your private office for an additional PHP 5000 or a private cubicle for an additional PHP 1000!


Address: Calle Uno Building, 3 First Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City
Contact Number: 0917-501-7787 and 0918-818-7787
Social Accounts:


April 13, 2019 would be an epic day for Calle Uno! It would be the launch of the pilot event of Globe Weare917! Anyone who is a Globe user is invited to visit Calle Uno! Baguio City would be first location of the series which would also include Cebu, Boracay and Bonifacio Global City. Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico would be there! Brands like Klook, Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix would also be bringing surprises!

Watch out since Mr. Ace Estrada would be talking about Entrepreneurship, Solenn Heusaff will tackle Women Empowerment, and Nico Bozico will be sharing about Sustainable Farming!


We had the pleasure of interviewing the director of Calle Uno, Mr. Ace Estrada.

1. How did you come up with the idea to put up a business like a co-working space? How did it start?

In 2006 we established RSVP call center, it is a company that teaches English. Ten years after, we got bought out by another company. It is a dream of every entrepreneur to get your money and investment. Aside from money and perks, they made me into an employee. Which is the saddest thing in my life because I am not an employee, I have always been an entrepreneur. So six months into this contract, I quit from the company and said I cannot become an employee, knowing that I have to wake up early because I am an employee, it made me unhappy. So I had to find a way that could make a living. So beside RSVP building is this place (the current Calle Uno Building), a run-down 1950's mansion and a bodega for a hardware. We acquired the property. My first thought was to make it an Airbnb, since it doesn't compete with RSVP. But that would be 'baduy' because I have to worry about clogged toilets, and grumpy tenants. It was not innovative at all.

When I look around, there's a need in Baguio for a company to teach and create teachers. So we established an academy for teachers, Vivix Academy.
My thought is not to create classrooms, but make it into a Google-like space-- sofas, beanbags, and trestle tables; where people can sit on the floor, work, and have coffee. I realized that concept is called a co-working space. In the end, it's not so much of a school but a co-working space.

To sum it all up, it was a journey that was based on the fact that I don't want to be an employee, I will always be an entrepreneur. So that is the story of Calle Uno-- but we are still innovating.

2. We saw on your page that you will be opening a branch in San Juan, La Union and Angeles, Pampanga. What should we look forward to in these locations?

There is a concept of 'wash, rinse, and repeat.' Since Calle Uno (Baguio) works, we have already built a community. There is no need to create a second one. We will just create a co-working space there, and the community in Baguio can move there if they want it, which will eventually swell the growth. Since there is a vibe in San Juan, a place for young digital nomads (which are some of the best and brightest online entrepreneurs that we know), the goal is to attract them to come to our co-working space and establish it. Since I am there, I am going to build companies with them. When we hire people, we can make a company. We are like planting seeds. It is not so much about having a second co-working space, but creating more jobs for people. This is what we are going for.
"I am not selling co-working, I am selling opportunities."
I am now looking at a way to give back. Not so much for them to remember me, but for them to have a helping hand. It just happens that my industry is co-working, which is a very young industry, but I am putting a spin into it. This is how I am managing the co-working.


Mr. Ace Estrada, the director of Calle Uno, envisions to create a community inclusive of a freelancer hub (the Calle Uno Coworking Space and Food Hub) and a small hostel where you can live and work in your own room! They could bring you food, provide jobs-- a co-living space. You do the work and you can stay in the hostel for free similar to a symbiotic community.

Calle Uno is also expanding to the towns of San Juan, La Union and Angeles, Pampanga. The thing we love about this expansion is that current members can go and stay there for free-- cross membership. One thing is for sure, Calle Uno adapts to what the current business needs.

Here are some of the awesome things we love about CALLE UNO:
✔ Lot of space for studying, working, and reading!
✔ Don't have a laptop? You can rent a computer!
✔ Insanely fast Wifi!
✔ They have their own food hub! (Filipino, Korean and Pakistani cuisine-- and a Bar soon!!)
✔ Witty art, and antiques.
✔ You can rent a space for your office or event!
✔ They're open 24 hours!

To sum it all up, we love everything about this place. With the growing numbers of co-working spaces that have sprouted throughout the country, I could say that this place is one of the best. Just like what Mr. Ace Estrada said to us, "Calle Uno is not really about the place, but the people." A great business is not about your office, its what makes your team.

We would like to thank Mr. Ace Estrada, director of Calle Uno, and the whole Calle Uno team for welcoming us!

Address: Calle Uno Building, 3 First Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City
Contact Number: 0917-501-7787 and 0918-818-7787

Follow them!

Photos shot by Rae Argallon and Cheloi Marasigan | Baguio City, Benguet | February 2019

RAESCAPE contains affiliate links in the website. By clicking and purchasing through this links, I get to earn a small commission to help me run this website without extra cost to you. Thank you for helping a fellow traveler and say yes to adventures!
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