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Hello and welcome to our site of travels, misadventures and lifestyle! I'm Rae Argallon, traveling the world with Cheloi Marasigan. Hope you find this blog exciting and trigger the inner traveler in you. Say yes to adventures. - R

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Tired of travelling? Me? Never! Travelling brings us excitement and happiness. It widens our perspectives in life since we discover and learn new things. Although, there are instances when we get second thoughts and it hold us back from pursing a trip. It may be financial, safety or emotional anxieties. When do we know when it is time to delay our travels?

1. When it hurts the budget.
Travelling is a privilege and only some have the resources and opportunity to do it. We treat it as a reward for our hard work. But we need to reconsider if it affects our budget. Travelling is not essential and it is not right if it puts us in a financial instability. It is also not necessary to borrow money from others because there are other options where we can travel and relax without hurting the budget. If you really want to travel, adjust your money management. Start saving early but do not compromise paying your dues and saving for your emergency funds. If even after that, travelling is not possible, maybe it is time to move your travel at a later date. Remember, travelling without worrying about money makes the trip even better!

2. When you have spent more time away than with your family.
We travel to find ourselves and to find our purpose. 
We travel to discover our self-worth and self-love, but let us not forget the people who continue to loves us unconditionally. Although we meet new people everyday, we would still long for those easy conversations and quality time spent with our family and friends. When you feel homesick, it is time to re-connect with your loved ones. 

3. When you are contributing to irresponsible travelling.
We travel to explore and enjoy, but let us check ourselves if we are being responsible travellers. Are we supporting the local communities and protecting their environment? Are we helping the country flourish or are we contributing to its overtourism? At the state of the world, we need to promote sustainable and responsible travel.We want to preserve its beauty, hoping when we come back to visit, it would still be in its picturesque state. We want to visit places that encourage growth of the environment and animals. Not just use them as tourist attraction since some practice animal cruelty. If the activity or destination does not promote responsible tourism, take a pause and reconsider if it is worth adding it in your travel itinerary.

4. When the country you will be visiting is not in its best state.
Before going to a certain place, research if the destination is safe and welcomes recreational travellers. The main reason why we are writing this is because of the recent news. As of writing, a lot of outbreaks hindered travelling to different countries. Disputes and wars in countries like Hong Kong caused worries to some travellers. And now, the pandemic NCOV-19 has brought countries to close their borders and impose travel bans. Foreign travellers were encouraged to go back to their home countries. Different thoughts about travelling have come up. 
Some still want to push through with their trip. They think they will get through the virus because they are healthy. But this can also put the risk to their family and can cause the disease to spread even faster. Travellers who recently visited affected countries must follow the quarantine process. If you are still hesitant and your travel is for pleasure only, remember that you can always go abroad next year. If you think your safety will be compromised, now is not the time to travel.


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